Advising Tech Companies

One important thing I learned from the tech startup ecosystem in Silicon Valley is the importance of advisory relationships. They are a form of glue that help startups make better decisions faster. A startup’s investors are advisors. Other advisors are previously successful entrepreneurs/executives that have knowledge and connections that can materially help the startup. Advisors are compensated in stock options not cash.

Who do I advise?

My background is in the engineering of online consumer products, including online marketing. I have been involved in startup financing from angel investors, strategic corporate investors, and venture capital firms. I have hired dozens of excellent employees and consider hiring one of my best tactical strengths.

I formally advise 5 technology companies.

I informally help other companies and entrepreneurs directly and by hosting/participating in events like The Founder’s Lunch.

Who Advises Me?

Malgosia Green & I usually work together. She is strong on strategy, operations and product. She is also quite strong on legal and accounting matters, despite not being a lawyer or accountant.

My company Savvica has 3 formal advisors, Shantanu Prakash, Drew Green, and Jim Pitkow.


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