launching this spring

I got wind of this new e-commerce venture in Canada this morning from my big brother


Membership based online shopping sites have been growing in popularity throughout the United States and Europe. Sites like Gilt Groupe, Shopbop and Net-a-Porter have changed the way fashion conscious individuals shop for apparel and accessories. But there are barriers for Canadian consumers that prevents most from shopping these sites – things like dealing with unknown duty costs, shipping and heaven forbid, trying to return an item to another country. – Launching Spring 2011


New fashion shopping site for Canadians will be a new Canadian-based online shopping destination, offering the best in contemporary luxury fashion and lifestyle products and accessories. It will remove the obstacles and frustrations of purchasing from U.S. and European retailers and provide a premier online shopping experience for Canada’s style connoisseurs. While Dealuxe will launch with a focus on women’s fashion, their vision is to quickly grow to include men’s and kid’s lines, as well as products for home and life. Dealuxe will also include editorial features that cover current trends in style and design, and provide members with an enhanced user experience. Their planned launch date is in early May and have started the process of building our membership base.

Special Deal

For a limited time, those who do join (which I should have mentioned is free) will receive a $10 credit to their account.

Some Related Ventures

  • I was delighted by the launch of Mr. Porter in the last couple weeks… its a very handsome site that also serves Canadians natively. They are following a different strategy by starting with men’s fashion.
  • If you aren’t aware of the Canadian e-commerce success story in the making that is, check it out!
  • Good friend Tara Hunt is leading a new fashion shopping venture called Shwowp. I like her take on things as she competes with Blippy, TheFancy, and Svpply, and others.


The most trendy man I know, modernmod, just pointed me to 2 other fashion e-commerce sites that ship to Canada:

Great to see some activity in this space!

One last link, in this sprawling post, here’s a great Toronto fashion blog for bearded and plaid-wearing men: Dressed For Dinner.

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