Advisory Boards Advice

George Favvas posted a couple days ago about how to set up an advisory board for your startup. Good, practical advice.

As I am on George’s advisory board, I have little to disagree with in his post. I would dial back his recommendation on the 4 year vesting period; the norm in the industry is 1-2 years, which gives both parties an opportunity to reevaluate and recommit.

For more, check out Mark McLeod’s post on advisor boards. Also, here’s more info on my work as an advisor to other startups.

If you are really interested in the subject, you need VentureHacks: Everything you ever wanted to know about advisors (and part two). (I am inclined to list the VentureHacks blog as an advisor to my next startup!)

  1. Did I short change you on vesting? I’ll try to fix that when I do my next startup. :) In all seriousness, it’s been great to have you on board and thanks for all the value you have, and will no doubt continue to, add to our company.

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